A sophisticated social media intelligence system to listen, monitor and engage with social media and the real-time web.

A flexible, scalable and detailed Social Media Intelligence system, Webfluenz uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), semantic search algorithms, advanced data mining and pattern recognition to search through a plethora of social media platforms and generates some of the most sophisticated insights and actionable real time intelligence for you, your company, business or brand.

Social media’s impact on Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations is changing businesses. Brand ownership is democratic. Brands are now defined as the sum of all conversations taking place online, all the time. This conversation is shaping your brand’s image regardless of whether or not you choose to listen, monitor and engage with these conversations.

Creating Real Value by identifying and segmenting information relevant to you. Insights from social media derived to benefit various aspects of your business starting from Planning your marketing needs to customer relationship management.


Plan your advertising spends more efficiently by identifying your user’s locations. Tweak your advertising campaigns by tracking and analyzing the Topical Trends associated with you.


Analyze trends around your competitor’s brands. Capitalize on your existing strengths and work on your competitors’ perceived weaknesses to give value offerings to customers.


Stay on top of your brand’s perception and get valuable insights about your brand’s perceived performance via our real time updates, Identify the consumers’ pain points, likes and dislikes.


Identify emerging crisis situations by Listening, Monitoring and Analyzing negative chatter. Manage crisis situations by acting on them promptly before they get too ‘loud’ for your brand/company.


Customers will talk about your products whether you monitor them or not. Listen to their likes and dislikes and engage with them in real time.


Identify potential markets enabling you to listen and connect with potential customers.