Though human have been in the circle of evolution, it is modern technology can be viewed as the biggest element that drives the many changes in people; the biggest technological leaps seen in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. These changes had transformed the way we live, work, and socialize. We cannot even begin to fathom what life would be if some of the advancements disappeared; life would just be hectic because we are really on them.


Communication is one the many areas where modern technology has a strong and influential foothold. In the past, letters were the most common form of communication among people living in different locations, but there were some challenges such as distance among others. The introduction of the internet dramatically cut the time, removed the challenge of distance, and increased the efficiency of how people communicate. Modern communication is now better due to the increased efficiency in connectivity across different devices such as mobile phones and computers that use a global communication network.


Education is another area that has greatly benefited from modern technology. The use of the internet and computers has offered a more advanced way of storing data. Computers offer more space to store large volumes of data (educational materials such as literature, games, audio, and visual lessons). For instance, it is possible to have information in hundreds of books stored in a single space such as a data CD. Furthermore, the internet is also an endless storage of information and data that teachers and students can use to teach and study. Virtual whiteboards will soon replace blackboards and the use of projectors. All these bring in better and more efficient teaching methods that bring in a more interactive approach.


Technology has also been seen in the health care industry. Doctors are now able to make more precise diagnosis of diseases early thus increasing the success rate of various treatments and saving more lives than ever before. Thanks to technology, advancements have been made in medicines and vaccines that have greatly help to eradicate some epidemics such as smallpox, measles, and diphtheria. In addition, modern medicine has made it possible for people to better manage chronic health problems such as hypertension and diabetes that were once a huge health risk with a huge mortality rate. All in all, modern technology has played a hand in the major strides achieved in medicine that have helped to extend the lives of people.


Productivity has dramatically increased thanks to technology. Computer can solve complex mathematical equations; increase the speed of doing tasks that require measurements and other calculations. Computers can simulate structural designs in a highly mathematical approach that saves both time and money, making it possible for manufacturers and engineers to get important performance data before creating prototypes. Businesses have set up networked computers to enhance the sharing and manipulation of data increasing the speed of work input for maximum productivity.