Three Divorce Alternatives To Consider

There are no two marriages in existence that are the same. Therefore, there are no two divorces that are the same either. If you are a woman who is contemplating divorcing your Image result for Three Divorce Alternatives To Considerhusband, there are many options about how to move forward. According to  Liaise Divorce Solutions, there are four broad categories of alternatives to divorce that you may want to consider. These include collaborative, litigation, and mediation.

Collaborative divorce simply occurs when a husband and wife agree to work out a divorce settlement without the assistance of the court system. During this process, both you and your husband will need to hire an attorney who is familiar with this type of process. The attorneys’ roles in a collaborative divorce are very different than in a regular divorce.

Each attorney will assist and advise the couple on how to negotiate an agreement. As the wife, you will meet with your attorney on your own, and your attorney will also have a meeting with your husband’s attorney with the husband present. During this entire process, all parties will have to sign an agreement that states both attorneys will withdraw from the proceedings if litigation is threatened or if a settlement isn’t reached.

Litigated divorce is the most common divorce alternative. Litigated does not mean that the divorce will end up before a judge. In fact, more than 95% of divorce cases come to an Image result for litigated divorceout-of-court agreement. Most attorneys who deal with divorce will often strive to come to a settlement with the other party that is reasonable. However, if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, going to court may be the only viable option at that point.

During divorce mediation, the couple will work with a mediator who is neutral. This mediator will help both parties come to a mutual agreement regarding every aspect of the divorce. This mediator can be a lawyer, but not always. However, the mediator must be well educated and experienced with family and divorce law. During mediation, both parties will still need to be in contact with their own, personal lawyers, especially prior to signing any agreements.

Weigh all of your divorce options carefully. At the end of the day, every couple and every divorce differs. If you and your spouse are capable of making honest decisions together, then the collaborative or mediation methods will be best. However, if you have any doubts in your mind about making decisions together peacefully, go with the litigated divorce.

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