What You Need To Know About Small Trench Boxes

Working in a construction industry can be challenging, but with the help of different working equipment, constructions workers are able to overcome any task. Especially when it comes to working in trenches, you need to make sure that you have safety equipment such as small trench boxes. Such reliable shoring equipment provides safety for workers and as a result, increases productivity.

When Are Trench Boxes Used?

Image result for protect workers during excavationThese type of trench boxes are usually used during underground wiring and also when a piping needs to be repaired. Moreover, constructions workers also use this equipment when constructing new buildings. By using trench boxes, construction workers can focus on their excavation process without having to worry about the walls of the trench collapsing.

What Are Trench Boxes Made Of?

Like any other trench box system, this unique equipment is usually made of steel or aluminum. Each trench box is structured using two shields also referred to as shields. These strong shields are joined using spreaders which make it easy to line the plates with the trench walls.

Use Of Both Small And Large Trench Boxes At The Construction Site

Before construction workers can start the excavation process, first there is pre-installation of the trench boxes. The process may take a few hours or longer depending on the length and depth of the trench that workers are working on. After that, there is the maintenance of the trench boxes to make sure that they are in good condition while the excavation work continues.

Once the construction workers are done working on the trench, the trench boxes must be extracted from the ground. This is considered to be the most challenging part of using trench boxes. That is because the ground might have moved, making it difficult for the plates to loosen.

Benefits OF Trench Boxes.

Both small and large trench boxes are used to protect workers during excavation work. By using this equipment, workers can be sure that the trench will not cave in and have them trapped underground. Besides preventing the trench from caving in, this particular equipment also keeps tranches stable for a long period.


Small trench boxes can be used during various projects such as repairing of the sewer system and also during tank installation. Another important factor you need to acknowledge is that trench boxes are considered to be the best shoring equipment because they hold the ground and keeps it stable without having to use additional equipment for support.

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