Yes, Pull Permits When Replacing A Furnace

Many people like to slink away and avoid the bureaucratic red tape and costs of pulling permits. The reason is that it is perceived that the time and money spent on getting permits will cost a fortune.

It is no secret that the local government makes money on permits. Even worse is that the process adds steps to the installation and inspection of the furnace. That means that it pads the overall cost of making an installation.

In other words, as if it were not bad enough that, surprise — you need to spend a couple thousand on a new furnace — you need to spend more to get permits. Now, it might be very tempting to turn away and pretend you do not know that you need permits.

Insurance Logic
Image result for installation and inspection of the furnaceInstead, though, you should embrace the permit process. Here’s why. Well, if you have a home, it is most likely your biggest investment and your biggest asset. Even if you owe a lot of money on it still, it still has good resale value. It would stink if it were destroyed without any payout from the insurance company. Better yet, avoid destruction, and avoid injury or death and pull a permit.

On top of that, whether you own it outright or not, you would rely on homeowners insurance to rebuild your home if it spontaneously combusted. More on that in a moment.

Now, in order to be in keeping with the homeowner’s policy, you need to have maintained the home. In addition, it would be ill-advised to overlook pulling permits.

Look at how much it costs not to pull the permit. Sure, it costs less in the short run. The reason you pull the permit is to avoid catastrophes that cause an insurer to pay out to rebuild your home. Then no one will cover you in the future.

While chatting with my furnace repair contractor at Great Dane, I have learned that permit and inspection will help catch potentially deadly mistakes that a heating and air professional makes during an installation. It will mean the difference between having the furnace potentially spontaneously combust or have it all stay intact and work well for many years to come.

Safety is the most important aspect of a furnace’s installation and its operation. It is best not to have it blow up, leak, or cause injury or death. Save the lives of your family members and pay the extra money for the permit. It’s worth it, even if it is much like an insurance policy — you have it but hope to never really need it.

Frank Cline

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